Frequently asked questions

I Like Your Site And Collectibles: How Do I Stay More Engaged?

At Think INK Signatures, we have multiple alternatives for our fan base to stay more engaged. Be sure to join us on all of our social media platforms. Take advantage of exclusive deals, flash sales, LIVE auctions, and hear the latest news on what’s going on in the world of sports today.

How Do I Know Your Items Are Authentic?

Our listings are always guaranteed to pass any 3rd party authentication service. A vast majority of purchases will even include exact photo proof of your item being signed. When shopping with Think INK Signatures ALWAYS buy with confidence.

Does THINK SIGNATURES, INC. Buy Memorabilia?

Think INK Signatures tries to take part in every signing of the collectibles and memorabilia that we sell. However we do purchase items from individuals (signed/unsigned) after close examination.

What Type Of Payments Do You Accept?

At Think INK Signatures, we are an ecommerce site, we accept debit and credit cards. That means the types of payment we accept are:
PayPal Visa Mastercard Discover American Express With us you can easily get the item you’re looking for.

How Much Does It Cost To Have An Autograph Authenticated?

The cost of having your autograph authenticated typically has two factors: Exactly which autograph you are looking to have examined, and the service you decide to use.

What Sports Memorabilia Is Worth The Most?

As it turns out, the king of baseball, Babe Ruth, seems to have all other sports players beat when it comes to sales of sports memorabilia. There’s a good reason why Babe Ruth candy bars are next to all those 100 Grand Bars. A Babe Ruth jersey sold for $4.415 million. The jersey was originally part of the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum.

I Have A Question You Haven’t Answered.

We’d love to answer your question. Please shoot us an email or give us a call.
Email: thinksignatures@gmail.com
Phone: 631-664-8713
You can also send any inquiry to our FaceBook Messenger group page at: “Think INK Signatures”